Introducing healthcare that pays.

Speak with a U.S. board certified doctor anytime, anywhere.

It’s super easy to use.

(and probably costs less than what you spend on a weeks worth of that delicious frothy coffee)

Just 3 easy steps to connect and consult with a U.S. Board Certified
Licensed Physician anytime, anywhere by phone, email or webcam.


Simply give us a call


Tell us your issue and answer a few questions


Speak with a Board Certified Licensed Physician. You can consult over any phone or if you wish to see the doctor live, you can connect through the internet


If necessary, pick up your prescription at the pharmacy of your choice.

The best doctors at your fingertips.

U.S. Based, Board Certified

Gain unlimited access to U.S. based and Licensed Physicians 24-hours a day. All doctors are U.S. Board-Certified.


Our providers pride themselves on quality, not quantity. Physicians are credentialed using nationally recognized URAC and NCQA standards to ensure only the best physicians serve our members.

Practice protocol

All provider physicians undergo a formal review process every 6 months. Physicians are assessed on the basis of patient feedback, a formal rating system and peer reviews.

Healthcare that fits any personality.

What does it cover?

Save an average of 62% on uncovered medical bills with our medical debt reduction service. The process is easy, fast and affordable.

Our team of Patient Advocates negotiate with providers to lower uncovered medical bills. We negotiate medical, vision or dental bills with a balance of 100.00 or more. Medical debt can be attributed to hospitalization, clinic overages and prescription associated charges. We provide an easy to read savings summary that summarizes our negotiation outcome.

Economic Hardship Funding

Receive discounts on outstanding medical debt with qualification of program.

Overhead Hospital Funding

Receive grants through private hospital investors to cover all or a portion of your medical debt.

ICD9 & CPT Coding , Scrubbing, & Corrections

Corrections on miscodings resulting in erroneous charges that may result in insurance claim denials.

Resubmission of Insurance Claim Denials

Thorough review of insurance policies and coverage, assuring all met procedures are covered in their entirety.




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